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 The objectives of VRR’s Phase I SBIR efforts are focused on ‘defining synthetic vision requirement specifications and functional prototypes for next-generation AR-based HMD technologies that provide operational training aids and SA decision-support [as it relates to call for fire and close air support activities] for ground based forces.’  

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Screen Capture from the AR HMD view showing the real-world, synthetic vision augmentation, the handheld smartphone, 2525 icon annotations on both the real-world view and the  2D map, intuitively linked by our Gaze Guidance Line innovation.  

HMD, AR, Virtual Reality


 ToughBuilt Smartphone (extreme ruggedized for construction industry)  and a true see-through Augmented Reality HMD that is ruggedized and mountable to military helmet. 


 Close Air Support and Call for Fire modules – Updated and New AR HMD visualization concepts, mockups, and screen captures from functional prototypes based upon scientific foundations and iterative agile development efforts being added to our FAR-UI product.

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