Rapid direct automated deployment of large-scale drone swarms in minutes.

NO unpacking! No prep! Launch directly from the HellHive shipping container.

Deliver 1,000s of payloads in only minutes (2lb per drone over 3 miles launched and landed in minutes).

Low-cost, expendable, or reusable sUAS for delivery missions, as Red Team targets for counter-UAS, offensive operations, and more.

Honey Bee Drone

Swarm Deployment Container

Our Services

Results Based R&D

With over 20 years of experience, our R&D group not only focuses on the science, we push to provide proof of concept within our research in the early stages of the study.


Unmanned Vehicle technology solutions have become a big part of our research team which has created strong relationships with multiple robotics companies. 

VR / AR 

Virtual and Augmented Reality are two core technologies to our business. Exploring emerging technologies is one of our specialties

App Development

We specialize in creating multiplatform software for Windows, Android, and iOS.


During the conceptual phase of any product, User Experience is always in the front of our minds. We have a team dedicated to providing the best possible experience.

Visual Simulation

Our 3D / 2D tech team have been involved in gaming and simulation technologies for the last 20 years. We work with the newest technology to push the boundaries of development.

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